How to be spontaneous? Make a Mistake!

I’ve come to realize that the reason I haven’t started blogging is that I must be afraid I’m going to make a mistake. And that it will go out into the world for perpetuity. And that somewhere down the line the media will be alerted and I’ll suffer my fifteen minutes of shame! :) One can wish, can’t he?

Last week I taught an audition class. After one of the students performed a stellar audition, I asked him how he felt about what he had done. He said ok but that he had made a mistake. Somehow I knew he would mention that. I asked him if the mistake was when he stuttered on a word, and he said yes. I told him that was the exact moment he would have booked that job. The stutter added a je ne sais quoi that took it to another level. It was a scene from a romantic comedy and we’ve all seen Hugh Grant make a fantastic living doing just that!

So what’s happening here? When we make a mistake there’s a moment of truth that reverberates through us and makes us recalibrate off of our set path and onto a truer, right here – right now one.

I’ve witnessed this as a teacher, during coaching, in auditions and performances across the board.

Now there are bad mistakes.  Usually because of lack of preparation. But many are made even after we prepare really hard. Perhaps it’s because we’re determined to deliver that performance exactly as planned & rehearsed! Then, if a mistake happens – our response is manifested in a raw emotion that won’t be denied.

How we respond is what matters the most. Accept it, own it, recalibrate and fight for your objective.

Chances are, when you give yourself the freedom to make a mistake, you also give yourself permission to trust yourself and be more spontaneous with your work.

By relieving ourselves of the pressure to be perfect, we probably won’t make any mistakes. But hey, if we do, let’s enjoy the gift, it’ll most likely be in our favor!

Oh yeah, you know that saying, ‘if I make a difference in just one person’s life, it will have been worth it?’ Well, let me know! :)

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