There are some very talented acting students graduating from acting schools now in Vancouver (and elsewhere, I’m sure). I always tell the students that I’ve had the opportunity to share my acting experiences & methodologies with to keep on studying – even though I feel like a bit of a shill when I do. :)

But it’s the truth I know and have witnessed & heard about countless times. When I was starting out and casting directors would call me in, at some point almost all of them would ask me if I was studying. Knowing the correct answer was yes – I told them yes, while thinking, ‘I don’t need to study, you called me in because you saw how great I was in that showcase! I KNOW HOW TO ACT!’

Well, just because you know how to act, doesn’t mean you can execute the part with a rusty instrument. Acting is a lot like enlightenment – you have to continually practice it to achieve it.

Professional athletes never stop practicing and neither should you. Opportunity for an actor or any other performer adheres to a form of Murphy’s Law, it will present itself when you least expect or even want it. Ask any actor and they’ll tell you, if you want a really great audition – book a non-refundable vacation. Airlines’ biggest profits must be from actors’ flight change fees. You can work out in the gym for 50 weeks of the year then pig out over the holidays ‘cause you deserved it. That swim suit audition will be the first week you’re back! Or that Friday you decided to drink a beer or two during lunch? Yup, last minute replacement or new role added audition!

There’s a reason we continually see the same actors working over and over. Their instruments are open and finely tuned. The business can count on them. You have to be just as finely tuned to be able to step into the parade already in progress.



I’d love to hear your experience or stories about this topic!

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