The Truth Please!

Philosophers and Acting Teachers agree that truth is the #1 virtue. Almost all acting methods are designed to get you to be able to deliver your truth.

What is truth? You know that saying, ‘I can’t define porn, but I know it when I see it’? Well, truth is better than porn, because you know it when you can feel it!

“But it’s a script, how do I tell my truth with that?” With your emotions. Actors will tell you that it’s not the words that matter; it’s your emotional commitment to them.

How do you get there? We’ll run a series of exercises that include concepts like,

  • Phraseology – organizing, emphasizing sentences
  • Role Playing – Attitude portrayal
  • Physicalization – Imprinting the script on a cellular level
  • Imagery – Creating pictures out of words
  • Sub-text – underlying truth, assigning your values
  • Moment to moment – trusting yourself
  • Data entry for the Human Computer
  • Finding the Humour
  • Memorization