BRINGING the ‘HOW’ to the ‘WHAT’

After a peewee hockey game my father said, ‘I know what you need to do…skate faster.” So I told my legs, but they never got the message.

I’ve seen lots of actors who have had solid training in the established methods but still have trouble bringing their characters to life.

Likewise, I’ve witnessed many speakers gesture wildly and move around the stage, not connected to their speech.

In all 3 examples the performer was told what to do to achieve success. And in fact, some do eventually succeed and become poster performers for those methods.

Many of us have time restraints and need to connect to our projects right now, giving them their full expression, maximizing our capabilities.

I’ve developed a series of exercises utilizing a ‘how to’ approach. That will move your script out of your analytic head, and into your instinctual instrument.