Testimonials – Actors

Philip Granger - Actor

Philip Granger – Head of Acting, New Image College of Fine Arts

“Richard Keats is a masterful teacher of the craft of acting. Richard is fun, motivating and instills a deep confidence in every student he works with. Richard gets to the core of excellent acting quickly.” Philip GrangerHead of Acting, New Image College of Fine Arts and Actor



Emily A. Fraser - Actress

Emily A. Fraser – Actress

“Patient, refreshing, and result oriented, Richard brought my acting skills to a level of naturalistic finesse by removing unnecessary “acting” layers, to reveal what the camera wants; the naked truth. I owe it Keats for my successful audition into the New York Film Academy, he is my secret weapon for achieving high standard performances. A true philosopher in his craft, I highly recommend this man to any actor looking to soar to new heights, and discover what beautiful truths lay beneath their surfaces. Let him take you there!” Emily A. Fraser – Actress

Spencer Teeter - Actor

Spencer Teeter – Actor

“For me, Richard’s approach to auditions is absolutely bulletproof, and was instrumental in booking my first U.S. national commercial, as well as getting a callback for a lead in a film. He has shown me how to use my own personal strengths to my advantage to win over the room and get the edge on the competition.

Richard breaks the audition process down into easily understandable, must-do steps. With specific focus on every aspect of the process, I have found Richard’s techniques to be absolutely vital in feeling fully confident in my preparation, and in the room.” Spencer Teeter – Actor

Georgie Daburas

Georgie Daburas – Actor


“Richard’s “8 steps to kill your audition” is a very useful and fun set of tools and exercises that help me greatly when preparing for an audition to get out of my calculating and reasoning head and quickly connect my work to a deeper, cellular level.” Georgie DaburasActor


Kim Delgado- Actor/Write

“Throughout the years I’ve known Richard, he’s helped me get some of my best  roles! If you want to find your truth in a role, he’ll crack your code! I highly recommend him.” Kim Delgado Actor/Writer/Producer


Megan Vestad

Meghan Vestad – Actress

“As an actor, taking Richard’s class is one of the best things I have done for myself and my career. His coaching and engaging exercises has brought not only my acting but my comprehension of the art to a whole new level, and thanks to him I am now signed with an agent. If you are searching for the next step in furthering your career, Richard’s classes and coaching is where you need to look.” Meghan VestadActress

Jordan Dyhengco

Jordan Dyhengco – Actor


“Richard’s exercises took me past analysis and grounded my recent agent auditions in truth. And his knowledge of how to market ‘my commodity’ was invaluable!” Jordan Dyhengco – Actor